AZBTR has been rescuing Boston Terriers in Arizona for 38 years, one Boston at a time.
This is only possible due to the generous support of the Boston Terrier community. For many reasons, we have seen the number of dogs needing our help growing every year. Many have severe medical issues that need to be addressed.

We are thankful that the outpouring of support has spread far and wide thru the many venues available now.  It is the only way we have been able to keep pace with the demand for our help. The auction fund will help us continue to ensure that no Boston in Arizona will be left behind.

Please know how much you've helped our cause and how much we all appreciate it. While the auction was great fun for us, with grateful hearts we will continue to offer our support and wish all rescues success in future auctions as we continue to collectively strive to help deserving Boston Terriers needing our help.


Thank you to all supporters of this auction! You have generously donated
$3775 to
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